OP Flanged Bobbins

6J3A0359 copy

Made with a composition of aluminum alloys with innovative welding processes. A strength / weight ratio suitable for high rotational speeds. Accurate dimensional controls, included concentricity and dynamic balancing. Edge of the flanges designed to maximize the capacity of yarn and at the same time promote the yarn unwind. Flange made of material selected with high harness for avoid damage during handling.

First in the history of the textile Industry that use a non-conventional welding, which allowed us to define our spools as “One Piece”, like if made in a single block. Passivation of the surface that allows also to produce them in several colors.

For specific production requirements, we have the opportunity to supply special “ID rings” in different colorsuitables for the identification of the yarn wound on the spools. Possibility to implement with electronic ID.

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